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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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* Elimination of Childlabour Through Education
To many, the word development is synonymous with material and physical progress. To us, development has to have a human face. Many consider no wrong when the fruits of development reach to only a handful of people. But we get concerned with the course of development, which provides no work guarantee for adults on the one hand and lets child labour to flourish on the other hand, as it’s cheap and easily exploitable. It is to demonstrate our concern towards social discrimination that we decided to translate it into action. more ...

* Balmajuri Nirmulan Abhiyan - Campaign Against Childlabour

The organization identified watershed development programme as one of the options for seeking employment opportunities, available locally, for landless labourers. We took up this programme in 1992 and have utilized its potential utmost to develop natural resources and provide employment to local people, especially landless and poor. We have developed a trained team of rural volunteers with proper know-how and having capacity to convince rural people. more ...

PIRD conducted Youth For Rural Advancement Campaign in 10 villages of Ahmedpur block in Latur Distict of Maharashtra as per NCRI’s plan & Guidelines. The campaign was conducted in Mangdari, Valsangi, Rudha, Mogha, Varvati, Rui / Varvati Tanda, Hippalgaon and Malegaon in Ahmedpur block and Borgaon Village in Chakur block. more...

* W O M E N E M P O W E R M E N T
PIRD thus focused on enhancing women’s participation in agriculture by improving their information base regarding agriculture and motivating them to increase their participation in decision making regarding their family agriculture.more

* Prevention of Girl child Marriages
In Maharashtra state 38% of girls married before the completion of 18 years of their
age. In 2002 State Government published Report of 'Human Development', this report
stated that majority of girl child marriagestook place in Marathwada region. Data
indicated that Beed district and Latur district in Marathwada were following the tradition of early child marriage on great extent nearly 58% marriages came under the child marriage category.more ...

* Training Programme on Watershed Development

* Grameen Vikas

* माझी सामाजिक आणि ग्रामीण विकास कामातील वाटचाल

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