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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


To many, the word development is synonymous with material and physical progress. To us, development has to have a human face. Many consider no wrong when the fruits of development reach to only a handful of people. But we get concerned with the course of development, which provides no work guarantee for adults on the one hand and lets child labour to flourish on the other hand, as it’s cheap and easily exploitable. It is to demonstrate our concern towards social discrimination that we decided to translate it into action.

Consequently People’s Institute for Rural Development (PIRD) was started on 15th August 1983, to initiate a process of comprehensive development of rural people, especially poor, marginalized and landless. Drawing strength from Mahatma Gandhi’s call – ‘March to villages’ – the organization began its work in Ahmedpur, district Latur from Marathwada region. During last twenty years the scope of work is widened to include 6 talukas from Latur, Osmanabad and Parbhani districts, where we have direct contact and intervention activities. The organization is also recognized as one of the leading organizations in the Marathwada region.

Mobilization and organization of deprived sections in the society, particularly women, children, agricultural labourers, has remained PIRD’s core strategy to address their issues and to uphold their rights. Awareness led to mobilization and it further led to action. In this process PIRD initiated constructive activities without ever expelling its confrontative measures. It worked on immediate strategies, thinking side by side upon long-term solutions for the problems. The conscious understanding of root causes of social issues and interrelation between them enabled the organization to start series of developmental programs and interventions. The primary motivation, however, throughout remained the same – commitment to rural people…

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